Our Information

Philosophy of Imuraya Group

It is the origin and spiritual pillar of Imuraya group companies, each division, and each of our activities with consists of Mission, Vision, and Passion.

1. Mission

“Create a smile from its enjoyment”

In a global perspective and taking advantage of the taste of the "Wa (Japanese) and natural", we provide safe and enjoyable products and services.

2. Vision

Be always for Customers!

We, Imuraya employees, will stand in the customer's point of view and be aware at all times.

3. Passion


The origin of the passion is a demonstration of innovation. The changes that will grow the company are the spirit of “Continuous progress and always progress”, new ideas and technologies.

Taking advantage of the technology that has been developed over many years, we will continue to provide new value by all of the group companies. To achieve an ideal company, we will improve our management with continuous innovation and aim to contribute to society by steady growth.