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IMURAYA GROUP CO., LTD. (“Imuraya Group” or “we”) follows laws and various regulations concerning personal information to provide safety and security to all of our customers and stakeholders, recognizes the importance and is committed to protecting your privacy and personal information based on the Privacy Policy below.

  1. 1. Collection and handling of the personal information

    Imuraya Group may collect your personal information for replying to the customer’s comments/questions, delivering products, guiding new services and products, questionnaires and campaigns. We collect and handle the information for the specified purposes only as mentioned above.

  2. 2. Protection and control of personal information

    Imuraya Group keeps the accuracy of personal information. We protect and control personal information from unauthorized access, leakage, loss or falsification properly.

  3. 3. Restriction of disclosing personal information

    Imuraya Group will not disclose any personal information to any third party without the prior consent of customers except in cases of acting in accordance with any applicable laws or regulations.
    If we use an outsource operator, we will select the contractors, who are deemed to be enough reliable and only use the information for Imuraya’s purposes and will supervise as needed and properly.

  4. 4. Developing of the internal system

    Imuraya Group follows laws and various regulations concerning personal information and continues to develop and make improvements of internal system through employee training programs.

  5. 5. Disclosure, correction and suspension of use of personal information

    Imuraya Group appropriately responds to the customer’s request for disclosure, corrections or suspension of use of their personal information after verifying the identity of the individual. For more information about our handling of the personal information, please contact us through the inquiry form.

  6. 6. Changes to this Privacy Policy

    Imuraya Group may review and revise this Privacy Policy suitably. Revisions will be immediately given on this page.


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IMURAYA GROUP CO., LTD. (“Imuraya Group” or “we”) may collect your personal information, which we handle the information with strict supervision as needed properly.

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We may change all or parts of the contents on this website without any prior notice.

We may suspend or terminate this website without any prior notice.

We shall not be responsible or liable in any way whatsoever for any losses based on the information (including data) from this website or from the third party’s websites linked to this website.

The contents such as sentences, pictures, illustrations, movies or software contained in this website are protected by copyrights and other rights held by Imuraya Group and its sister companies or by other parties.

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The use of access log

This website stores the information of access log such as the customer’s IP address for the purpose of providing the customers for greater convenience and useful information service.

This information is used for getting the usage situation of the website. The personal information is not identified except pages where the user verification is required.


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