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Global Activities

Challenge for globalization

Imuraya Group generates synergy effects globally by having 3 bases over the world, which is in Japan, China and USA, with each of them displaying their own strength and characteristics. One of the ways we do this is by having IMURAYA USA, INC. import and sale the Castella manufactured at IBF. To further the overseas sales ratio, we are planning to expand our export business by exploring new markets like ASEAN. Due to the expansion and globalization, IMURAYA GROUP CO., LTD. established an “International Business Department” to organize the system of managerial and technical support from Japan to overseas subsidiaries.

Development of overseas Business

2000 KYO-NICHI IMURAYA FOODS CO., LTD. (JIF) was established in China
2006 IMURAYA (BEIJING) FOOD CO., LTD. (IBF) was established in China
2009 IMURAYA USA, INC. (IMU) was established in Irvine, California
2012 International Business Department was established in IMURAYA GROUP CO., LTD.
2015 IMURAYA (DALIAN) FOODS CO., LTD. (IDF) was established in China
2018 IMURAYA(BEIJING) Corporate Management co., ltd. was establishedin in China.

Participating in trade shows

We have been participating in food trade shows actively. Besides the shows in Asian countries like Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia, we did market research in Vietnam and Singapore. As a result, the sales of products such as Yawamochi ice cream and “Yokan” are increasing. We continue introducing our products from Japan to the world under the slogan of “Create a smile from its enjoyment”.

March Natural Products Expo (Anaheim, USA)
May THAIFEX (Bangkok, Thailand)
June FOOD TAIPEI (Taipei, Taiwan)
August FOOD EXPO (Hong Kong)
September FHM (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
November FHC China (Shanghai, China)

“Nikuman” and “Anman” (steamed bun)

At a trade show in Hong Kong, we served steamed buns, which are imported from Japan, fresh from the steamer. We also displayed steamed buns manufactured by IMURAYA (BEIJING) FOOD CO., LTD. at a trade show in Shanghai, China. They both received a favorable reputation. Utilizing our manufacturing method over 50 years, we continue to appeal our steamed buns in overseas.

Frozen Wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery)

Frozen confectioneries manufactured in Japan and USA are widely sold in food service and retail. We got good reviews from buyers at trade shows in other Asian countries, that a high-quality Wagashi can be eaten easily after defrosting in room temperature. We are introducing Washoku culture to the world and hoping “Daifuku” (Mochi with Azuki bean paste) will be popular all over the world.

Yawamochi Ice Cream Matcha flavored

“Matcha” and “Mochi” have been widely recognized in these days. Yawamochi ice cream, using Japanese main traditional ingredients, is so high rated that it is adopted at convenience stores in Hong Kong and Taiwan. We are introducing Japanese tradition through one of the familiar dessert, ice cream.

Halal certification

IMURAYA FOODS CO., LTD. has acquired the halal certification from Japan Halal Association (NPO organization) in 2014. The certified products are mainly Japanese raw materials such as Bonito and Kombu extract powders. We are working on activities to provide safety and secure foods to Muslims both in their countries and in Japan.